Thursday, September 06, 2007

Captain Cook's Map of the South Island

Also on Saturday at Tim Wraight's. This sculpture, a 3D rendition of Captain Cook's map of the South Island of New Zealand, by Warren Viscoe used to stand in nearby Mapua, but was neglected and damaged. So Tim's brought it to studio for restoration. Later in the afternoon, Tim, his father and Ben took it off the truck and stood it upright on the lawn; it was quite a magnificent, masculine piece of work, and I really should have photographed it then, but I was busy talking to Claudia about textiles.


  1. It looks huge. I would love to see it in all its glory.

  2. This photo is so special, the colors and shapes... Eye catching.

  3. Thank you, you two. I really must go and shot this and do the work justice - it's stunning, as I said. But then this one shows how neglected it was, so perhaps I should go back after Tim has done the restoration.

    Another one on my To Do list!


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