Friday, September 28, 2007

Did I Mentioin Breasts?

Free breast screening is available to women between 45 and 69 every two years. I was absentmindedly staring at the poster yesterday, wondering why the pink ribbon looked a funny color and how one end tapered to a sharp point. It turns out it's not the standard ribbon, but a flax leaf. Nice touch.

As for the screening, big YUCK, but it's better than not getting these done, or so I'm told.

The cherry tree from two days ago is 90-95% in flower today, making the whole tree look whiter. We're not expected to get any rain for a few days; we have some breeze today, but fingers and toes crossed we don't get the gusts over the weekend.


  1. Admittantly.. that got me to click on my RSS feed.. Sad but true.

  2. Good reminder to have the exam even if its not too pleasant. Better unpleasant than cancer....
    Hope the wind won't blow the petals off your beautiful tree.

  3. Right you are. But I'm glad it's over for another 2 years.

    My computer just died for no apparent reason and Ben just spent close to an hour figuring things out. It's a mid-range 2002 vintage piece, Ben's hand-me-down, with this and that having been added on by Ben. I've been using this for two or three years since Ben's got better/newer ones issued at his work. We were in no danger of loosing any data at any point, for today, but we don't realize what a scary thing it is contemplating not having access to all the stuff in my tiny little hard drive!!!

    Have a good weekend.


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