Friday, September 21, 2007

Fence Ornament

This is found at Trinity Church fence. I see lots of those but an old one like this has more character compared to the machine-made ones.

We're off to Meg's thing in Wellington this morning. NDP will resume on Monday. Have a good weekend, everybody.


  1. the work of our olds was other thing

    Now is necessary that that goes quickly!!

    Then quality is not there any more

  2. Have a great time at Meg's "Thing". I like the lighting and subtle shadows of the fence knob.

  3. Hi! Sorry for having been a bit absent lately. Took some holidays in Greece, survived the fires and I'm glad to be back and catch your great pictures! The welcome back sailor is quite appropriate, and a great shot!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Thanks, everyone for visit and your comment!

    We've just back from Wellington. I haven't got as many photos as I hoped. But, shopping was great! I've got new ball-head for my Mono/Tripod that I was looking for long time.
    I enjoyed Meg's "thing", quite lot and I had catch up with some of the friend over there. I reckon it was a quite good trip.


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