Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Look at Things from Both Sides Now

This is what all the hoo-ha has been about, photographing my last series. I don't like flat textile photos and prefer more fold-y, bend-y shots, but this has been the most satisfactory showing the two sides of Piece #2.

I've been working on the "Pacific" theme, and I wanted weave a Tapa-cloth-inspired series. #1 and #2 have been good; #3 I'm not too thrilled about.

More in Unravelling.


  1. I think you captured the Tapa-cloth weave perfectly. You do beautiful work and keep working on fold-y and bend-y shots. This is fine with me.

  2. Meg here is a link to a page on shooting 2D objects to get texture detail
    if Ben has a SB600 or SB800 flash his D200 can control and fire them off camera at no extra cost to get good results
    textural lighting
    hope this helps

  3. Thanks, Sue. I really like this pattern and am doing another one, narrower and finer, in natural and aqua blue just now.

    Keith, thanks for the link, looks very interesting. (A wee bit above my head, but I'm sure Ben will cope.)


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