Saturday, September 08, 2007

Rugby World Cup

Well, for us, it started at 6AM this morning. I was up but didn't watch it. But it's a good thing Channel 3 is broadcasting the games.

In recent years, pay-for-view Sky TV had the right to the live broadcast, and Channel 3 had the delayed coverage. In the last one or two years, the delayed coverage moved to Prime, which we don't receive very well; in fact, Nelson is surrounded by hills and mountains on three sides, and the sea on the forth, so we get pretty poor TV coverage and cell phone reception.

That's the rugby-related broadcast for just for today - and the thing goes on for a month. I think I'll wait a while to start watching the games.

But Lara Croft sandwiched between all that rugby? Channel 3 sure knows its target audience, eh? Ben's been sick for a few days, so today's testosterone-ridden post has been brought to you by moi.

Apologies for the horrible photo. I'm having problems with my eyes, and this was the ... 12th photo I tried. I need to get the boy out of bed and have him try this with his fancy camera.


  1. the all black are back

    I hope that they will go until the end

    Always the best and only one world cup.

    Nerve the guy

  2. So, All Blacks won against Italy, pretty much to plan, and Australia over Japan, pretty much to plan, Bergson. The thing I didn't plan was for me to stay up until 4AM to watch both games live.

    I wouldn't do it for any other country... Or will I?


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