Sunday, September 30, 2007

What's Afoot

It's school holidays this week and next week, so Ben's colleague Jon is visited by his boys who are in town during the day. This shoe is attached to young Liam, and I had only once chance of shooting it right, ergo the blurry pic; it came with no sock, three-quarter pants, long hair and a baseball cap.

Notice the square patterns in the check is repeated in the checker-board in the lace. Naaaaaaaaiiice..


  1. I'm so out of the young guys fashion trends. These are pretty great looking shoes (or shoe). The laces being checked are neat, Great capture Meg.

  2. Which reminds me, I'd better get myself some new shoes before winter. Most likely a different model though... ;)

  3. I just remembered that I had some nice shoe laces, too, when I was in college. I guess we all tried to be unique without spending a fortune.

    When you grow up and have a certain amount of $ to buy certain things, we get lazy, don't we?

    Come on, Per, show us your funky side!


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