Saturday, October 13, 2007

Doc Adrian and Nurse Barbara

In New Zealand, you can get medical treatment for free, or "publicly", but you have to get on the waiting list and wait and wait if it's not life-threatening. If you have private insurance, you can opt to have treatment done "privately". Ben and I are very healthy for the most part, so though we've always had insurance, a few years ago we opted to reduce our premium by having an "excess" for each claim. We weren't counting on natural wear and tear. To get rid of the excess, we have to cancel our current policy and reply, and I just can't be bothered.

I've arrived at that age where excess (worth only about 100 cups of coffee in town) or no excess, I want things done yesterday, so I went and had a wee procedure at Manuka Street Trust Hospital on Thursday. It's routine stuff, but having visited hospital wards only a few times and never having had a peek into a theater before, I just had to do this . Though I got Doc Adrian's permission, I didn't expect him to pose for us!

I've been of the belief that specialists' hourly (or minutely) charges are ridiculous and extortionary, (that's what said), but I felt sympathetic to the good doctor's schedule Thursday morning; it was one right after another, and after he was finished with me, he had to run to get to his office for the afternoon consultations, or was it a leisurely lunch? Mind you, I'm not getting soft; I'm sympathetic to THIS doctor's schedule for just THIS morning, alright? But the man is so terminally cheerful and meticulous, I can't help it.

And JB would have given me a hard time if I didn't step up, because he stayed overnight, whereas I walked out in a couple of hours.


  1. I know a public health system is very expensive and would raise taxes but I do so hope it happens in the US too. I work with low-income families and way too often people don't go see a doctor even when they have serious medical problems simply because they can't afford it.

    I think most states have medical coverage programs for children but often not for adults.

    Thanks for showing us your friendly, busy doctor :)

  2. Aha, so that's what Non Profit means, Faye. In NZ, a lot of people don't bother going to their regular doctors (that's not covered in the public system except for children) so the emergency rooms are constantly full with not-so-emergency stuff, and/or people leave it too late and make it emergency.

  3. I think you made the Doctor's day by taking his picture. It was probably a welcome pause in his rather hectic day. Glad there was nothing serious to be seeing the Doc for. Have a great weekend and really Meg I don't know what the wild flowers are. They were growing with what looked like lilly pads so who knows.

  4. Oh, maybe, Sue, maybe. I hope so.

  5. I agree, looks like Doc and Barb liked having their photo taken. Your post on health care was interesting to read. Hope you have a speedy recovery from your wee procedure.

  6. Meg, when I was qualifying for my paramedic license, I had to get so many IV starts and so went back to surgery each week and started IVs on people getting ready for surgery and for endoscopies. I also had to do so many intubations, so was there for a lot of surgeries. What fascinates me is that now a surgeon in one city can through telemetry, actually operate on someone in another place. There have been a lot of advances in medicine in the last 50 years. I don't begrudge any of the surgeons what they make. They, for the most part, are outstanding. It also get humorous at times.

  7. Had one of those procedures done last year - get them for free* every 5 years within the regular cancer screening program.

    * At no extra cost. Our health system's very good, but it's not cheap.

  8. Love you city and your photos

  9. Thanks for visiting, everyone. Though I'm glad I had this wee procedure out of the way, I do hope I don't have to see inside a theatre for a long time. I don't do "sick" very well, and I've had to spend a few days recovering from the idea of it.

  10. The doctor and nurse look so smiley. Here, not many of doctors give smiles to their patients.:(

  11. I'm glad that it all went OK for you.
    Nice photograph, friendly smiles, but just looking at the "theater" makes me shiver...


  12. Thanks for your visits.

    It'll be a long time before I go inside a theater again, Lachezar, that's for sure.


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