Monday, October 08, 2007

Just Another Sunday Mornig on the Beach

Or Not. All Blacks lost against the French at around 9:57AM Sunday our time, so this could have been a bad case of boat rage. (Long shot here.)

Congratulations to France; commiserations to us all. Four more years to 2011.

(Sorry, Zsolt, when I created the post yesterday afternoon, I inadvertently published it.)
(Cheers, anyway, Michael and Eric, I think.)


  1. Oh, meg, we love you really. NZ were far more deserving than the Aussies, who played woefully - like real dunderheads. We would have supported you against England. Really! But now NZ is out - well, it's France for me!!! :-)

  2. Sorry I haven't been following the sports end of things. Commiserations to your team.
    I love the picture of the beached boat. Nice composition and coloring.

  3. Sally, commiserations to us all. We're a nation in mourning; everybody is wearing black. Ha ha.

    Sue, this would be the Rugby World Cup currently going on in France, Scotland and Wales. We lost to France Sunday morning in Wales. But I haven't found out the story about the boat on the beach yet!

  4. Love the picture! Now why do we hear about road rage but never boat rage - its the hidden danger lol

    Feel the pain about the Rugby with an Aussie here that hates loosing to England!

  5. Hi Meg. Yes the post-mortems have been going on all weekend. i think it's pretty well accepted that the Wobblies played really badly, and there's more shock about the ABs. Some commentators have said in that joshing but really at heart affectionate way "At least the ABs are out too!" It's generally agreed England are a pretty poor team and the Wallabies just lost it mentally and played very badly. There's a lot of retiurements and needs to be a fait bit of rebuilding. I think the RU here (and I don't follow it closely at all) have decided to go back to trying to grow their own players and the era of poaching from RL is pretty much over (though Loti did score the only try!)

    One thing no-one has mentioned is that before he was disgraced thru drugs revelations there had been talk of Andrew Johns of Newcastle having been taken to France as a kicking coach, and for motivation - he was generally regarded as the best kicker in RL, and one of the mentally toughest : but, things fall apart.

    I guess for the ABs it's even more bitter, because they have been favourites so often.

    I don't know enough about Argentina, but will give them a look. I'm just a knee-jerk Francophile :-)

    My hsband is of Italian background, so he's always disappointed when Italy bows out. Lol. Even wears his Italian rugby jumper around the place.

  6. Hi, Greg. There's also an attempt here to police drunken sailors here, too just like drunken drivers.

    Sally, I just can't imagine the Wallabies loosing mentally. But we did hear that there weren't too many new/young ones, and poaching from RL has been rampant... Even I noticed that. And the Johns revelation was shocking, even over here, too. I understand he was a demi-God, a RL version or Eales?

    I think we're still stunned, because in spited of all the talk beforehand, we didn't expect to loose France, and I think a bunch of us were looking forward to a Semi against the Wallabies. We're still so stunned, the only mention of the Wallabies all weekend was that at least they tried to do something until the whistle, but we gave up soon after it the scores became 18-20, and, "why can't we be mentally strong like the Aussies."

    In 2011, Nelson is trying to be the "home" of the Italian team; maybe we'll see your husband here, then?

  7. Sally, we're also blaming the "young & inexperienced" English ref, but Paddy O'Brien, Ref Manager, and of course a Kiwi, has been telling us to stop blaming the ref, too. Paddy O'Brien is deeply loved and respected over here, and he was interviewed right after the game, and he had no voice left, and was almost teary.

    What a mess, the whole country.

    And the Kiwis (RL) is going to France for a friendly after we play you. Lordy, there's no end to it.

  8. I won't comment on the ABs but like your shot. Lots of mood and cloudy Sunday feel.


  9. Gloomy Sunday, Lachezar.

    I saw in The Press this morning a letter from a reader titled something like, "Nation's Failure Reflected in the All Black Defeat". Lordy. And I can't shut my self up, for stop myself from finding more post-postmortem pieces in the press or on the radio.

  10. Doesn't look like they will be going anywhere for sometime! Nice solitary shot. Thanks for visiting Toruń DP!

  11. Come on, Glenn, is that all you've got to say three day on???


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