Monday, October 29, 2007

Kids Don't Know Road Codes

These girls were lucky they were traveling with careful Mum and Dad, (the wee sister is in front of Dad), so no doubt they already knew a few things about what to expect from cars. But kids (even teenagers) don't walk/run/bike/skate preventively, and a few years ago, there was a very good TV commercial/public announcement to that effect.

Roadworks at the Tahunanui Beach roundabouts finished, and now instead of two roundabouts close to each other, we have a big intersection with traffic lights. This requires us to take a long way coming home when we go to our favorite pizza place, Hot Rock Cafe, on Tahunanui Drive, but the change probably suits the increase in the traffic coming in and out of Nelson to and from Richmond and beyond.


  1. I like this photo...busy traffic and the bikers don't appear to be going too fast either!

  2. I always feel a bit nervous when there are children riding bikesnear where I am driving. I never know what they might do.
    Great shot of the flow of traffic.

  3. Thanks for your visits. We don't exactly have great bike paths, most often, but they're separated by a white like on the road, so cyclists need to be careful. Tourists visiting NZ to cycle around the country really need to be given at least a page or so of our road codes, because we have strange right-of-way rules about turning, and some cyclists don't signal or wait but just turn when they want to.

    Kiwi drivers aren't that forgiving.


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