Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Masked Parade

Those helmets are made from Egg cases.


  1. What a great idea. Simple to make and I'm sure the kids loved them.

  2. Cool helmet.

    Yo! I've tagged you! Now you're it!
    Check my Wednesday post for to see what to do!

  3. You've been tagged!

    Follow the link to MDP to pick up your prize!

  4. Great shot!
    Good colors and contrasts.

  5. Great costumes and I liked the way you captured that one little guy peeking through his helmet.

  6. Thanks, there are other shots at sketchbook. I have few more photos that I really wanted to show, but I decided not to, because of potential privacy issue based on the appearances of kids. It may be OK because it was in a public place and an organised public event. Well, I took the safe side for these shots. This "boy peaking from his helmet" and "girl with eye mask" are as far as I can go for now. The parade is an annual event at the beginning of the Arts Festival in Nelson. You should come and watch the parade yourselves.

    We've been tagged by 3 CDPBs. We posted our answers today.

  7. I like this a lot! It's a really good photo! He's so cute.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo.

    Your Love Coach

  8. Thanks, Piika, Keropok.


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