Wednesday, October 24, 2007

'Mother and Child'

Galvanized wire mesh, machine swarf. (What??)

"Christchurch artist Alan Coleman has gained a reputation for his delicate and evocative works in wire mesh. He is able to capture emotion, movement and the human figure in this light and airy medium. For Manifest, Alan presents a suspended work with a mother and child caught in motion across the space above the exhibition."

The photo in the flier is taken from almost the exact same angle. Originally, this pair was on the ground, but Tim Wraight suggested suspending the pair especially for this exhibition. Googling his name, I see "Allan" as well as "Alan" and am not sure which is the correct spelling.


  1. Absolutely fantastic work! And your photo makes it more so!


  2. Very interesting sculpture. I like the motion and the way you captured it.

  3. Thanks, folks. Tim hinted that someone with a property facing the Maitai River bought this, which means it might be installed on a private property but possibly visible from teh public walking path. Nice.

  4. What a great work ! I wish I could have a copy in my own 'property' !

  5. Most modern artworks are nonsensical junk to me, but I like this....lots!

  6. Matthieu, it can be arranged!

    Curly, I'm glad it meets you approval.


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