Wednesday, October 10, 2007


On Saturday we went out for breakfast at Saltwater Cafe. Suddenly Ben whispered, "Why is the guy in wheelchair naked?" I just about chocked on my brioche in a comparatively sophisticated, grown-up atmosphere. (Yup, it's the loo sign.)

We went back for breakfast on Sunday, after the previously-mentioned national tragedy; I could not stop staring at the naked guy, this time!


  1. LOL, thats a funny story. It seems Ben has a fun sense of humor :)But.... I wonder why that guy IS naked. You could take some markers and dress him next time you go to breakfast there.

  2. Funny post you guys. Great observation. I wonder too....

  3. That's truly hilarious! I guess the signage designer wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing!

    Anyway, where exactly is Nelson in New Zealand? It seems like an idyllic place from the photos.

    I'm from Singapore and I so terribly love the cool climate that New Zealand (and Europe) enjoys!

    Have you visited The Strange republic?

  4. Faye, didn't think of fixing it. I'd have to go back with someone who can draw!

    Photolicious, we are at the top of the South Island, or pretty much in the center of the nation. We have a comparatively mild climate in Nelson - not a whole lot of variety of temperatures.

    Thanks for your visits, everybody.

  5. Hahahaha, it's really funny to read your caption.

  6. I suppose I could have called it "Topless", too, because all three are!!


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