Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Sign Guy

A series today, folks. From Ben's experience with the pharmacy sign, I just assumed this was a stick-on job, but I could be wrong.
On Wednesday I saw the Sign Guy working on the letters with a glue-gun-looking thing, so I assumed he was pasting the letters. It turned out he was sealing the letters, so he can paint over it with black, then remove the seal, and then touch up the letters. And now I regret not asking if the letters were painted or stickers. The surface being so bumpy, though, would you say it was painted?
And I liked the original red letters on the beige wall, as seen at the front of the gallery.


  1. I think the letters are stickers like you used for your fist exhibition.
    Then, I think, he's pealing those off when the black coat is half dry.

  2. on my google reader I seen a post from you about All Blacks loosing against France...but somehow its not on the site anymore...
    Anyway..I can understand..its a disaster..All Blacks with that Maori dance before the matches are my favourites:)

  3. I see you completely avoided mentioning the loss. Well, as Eric encouraged us to do, I'm sending you my condolences....

  4. Fancy getting your name next to the "Red" sign, too.
    I'm impressed!

  5. Zsolt, sorry about that; my mistake.

    Michael, that's because we post in the morning, and when we posted this, it was around 13:6. The entire nation in mourning. The radio postmortem is very serious.

    JB, power of photoshopping, eh?

  6. Oh, THAT's what it is!
    Silly me....


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