Friday, October 26, 2007


Ben's candy car didn't pass the Warrant of Fitness on account of one of the wheels being bent or something; it wasn't a total surprise as Ben noticed they were not in an especially great shape when he bought the car. So he's been enjoying a bit of catalogue shopping. But the trouble is, in a small town like Nelson, he can't always get what's in the catalogue, and even if he can, he has to wait for them to be delivered from Christchurch, Auckland, Australia or further beyond, So he's checking what's on stock at the local shops, too. Needless to say, the testosterones in these places are overwhelming, so I wait outside.

From what I understand, the fact that the driver side door's lock sometimes jams and Ben has had to peel the roof to hop in/out like a bad 80's TV cop wasn't what prevented the WOF. Go figure.


  1. I like the motorcycles... but the photo is nice the same: -)

    a regard from Italy...

  2. very nice snowflakes:)

    Meg I tagged you!

  3. Cesare, your photos are mind-blowingly fantastic!! And some fancy footwork, too.

    Zsolt, oh, no, I'm not that interesting - I don't have a whole heap of interesting stuff.... Yikes...

  4. I like your "snowflakes" Hope you can get the parts to get your warrent of fitmess.
    I stay out of those stores too I'm car challenged too.


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