Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bag Lady

For Twilight Market, in which I'm participating this summer, artists are responsible for all aspects of the stall and sale, including packaging. So I've been looking for inexpensive options.

I've been sticking things on all sides of the sample bags I bought or found at home. Two of these have Organdy bows threaded through holes and tied in bows on the other side, two which Ben reacted with "too girly!!" look, but I still think it's kind of cute. The gold bag is nice and costs the same as the brown, but its paint surface requires extra glue for the stickers.

There's a souvenir/gift shop in town where the owner writes the name of the shop with a fat, black magic marker on brown bags and I've always loved her bags, but I don't have nice handwriting so that's out of the picture at the moment. And I've run out of bags to try out my rubber stamps. At any rate, the most I'll need is a few of the smallest and a few of the mid-sized one, so I should get back to weaving...


  1. I like what you did with the bags Meg....So what if they are girly...Some "girl" will be thrilled with the bag but probably more thrilled with what you will put into that bag.
    Happy weaving..

  2. Yeah, Sue, I personally think navy blue ribbon on a brown paper bag isn't overdoing it! I've got these new cotton threads that are absolutely beautiful, and I've been experimenting with new, finely woven tiny scarves.

  3. Very fine posts. I like them.

    Also thank you for visiting my Sendai-shi blog and for nominating it. I see it has 6 votes now.

    I have some very nice photos in my new blog at Birds Bugs and Beasts is you care to click on my name and then the link. I don't know if you have been there or not.

  4. i like the notion that you chose green bags!
    interesting post.

  5. Maybe next time you can try those environmental bags where it can be used many many times. it is getting popular here in Singapore ;-)

    nice work on the bags!

  6. Jazzy, gold, if you mean the color. Not sure, though, where I'll go in the end.

    K-Man, now you're taking mega-bucks for reusables!! Not for moi, unfortunately.


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