Thursday, November 29, 2007

Calling a Spade a Spade


  1. haha.. cute one!

    i am an IT person, am I also called a geek? haha...

  2. I can't remember which was when, but nerd in the 70's and geek in the 80's were insults, but methinks nowadays geek is not really an insult, but maybe a characteristic or tendency of a person? Or perhaps the skill is in such demand it's now desirable?

    What do you think, my dearly beloved resident geek? (Yeah, that's you with the beard, my dear.)

    And K-Man, someone so into food cannot possibly be a geek, dear. Sorry; you're just technically savvy.

  3. Meg, why not? haha..

    you have not seen all my geek toys. LOL..

  4. That bad? Do you live on Red Bull and Potato Chips or something? Ben used to drink multiple cups of vending machine coffee and have small bags of chips for lunch AND dinner AND sometimes breakfast... And smoke 1+ pack a day!! And have longish hair, in the late 80's!!!

  5. Geeky indeed! Where was this Geek Service when i needed it last week? ;)

  6. I have seen a car like that in our area too. I guess "geek-dom" is world wide. I sure could use one now and then.

  7. Dusty Lens, I do see the car near his/her office a whole lot, so maybe just doing his/her thing instead of helping others??

    Sue, there's another guy in town, whose business is called, if I remember correctly, "That Computer Guy" - I've not see a vehicle with that name, but I think there was a flier in the mail box a while back.


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