Thursday, November 15, 2007


Yesterday was my third Wednesday at Sue's Gallery, and I sold one of my favorite jacket of hers, (far left in Friday's pick; only one sleeve is shown.) Like many, I worked in retail when I was younger, but I swear, I never, ever experienced a buzz like yesterday. It might have been because it was a handwoven garment; it might have been because the two women were so enthusiastic about Sue's work, (I lost count as to how many they tried on); it was most probably because the woman who bought it in the end looked so good in the jacket she bought.


  1. Love the textures and details in this shot of the door. itsw quite artistic.
    Congratulationa on the sale. it must be such a satisfying feeling.

  2. Hi, Sue. I shot gazillion shots of the paint peeling, (more to the right of this shot), and in this one I was just focusing on the center part. But I really like this one because the texture/appearance on the left side is in such contrast!


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