Friday, November 16, 2007

Mind Your Step

Chances are, if you come home with us, you'll be coming through the garage, through this door, up a few steps, then up proper steps to the left of the picture. (You can just see the corner of the doorway.)

Mind your step, because I have new cotton yarns sitting there. These are in colors so different to what I've been using, and I've been admiring them while working in my studio, which is the carpetted area to the right. Oh, and I haven't the room in the upstairs stash room, so I'm not quite sure where else to put them. I suppose I can get rid of the box, eh.


  1. Meg, These colours are luscious! The blue next to the orange takes on a brilliant hue.

  2. I want to come over and feel the yarn in my fingers.

  3. Thank you, everybody. Kate, aren't they? And I like the 'dirty' yellow, too.

    Forks and forest, yes I do. And I love it.

    Annie, any time. I have nice blueberry sorbet, too, if you make it this weekend!

  4. Meg I have no idea of the style of garment you weave
    but I just love the way these colors are grouped, from the subtle at the rear to the vibrant in front (was it intentional or did it just happen)
    I'm imagining a jacket or scarf mostly the rear colors flowing into the vibrant at the ends (ends of the sleeves or the waist for the jacket)
    not a regimented look but something flowing/fluid like sea full of seaweed with splashes of color around the edges that would remind me of tropical fish flitting in and around the edges of the weed
    I'm rambling now I had better stop...
    but I would love to see it if you ever make it :)

  5. Meg, those colors are so inviting. I can see why you got them and are anxious to begin creating with them.
    tha's so nice to have your studio at your home. My Mother in Law used to have a room downstairs in her basement garage which she called her nest. And that's just the way it felt when I walked in there.

  6. Keith, most everything I do with my work is not only deliberate, but it takes me a long time to deliberate. I do mostly shawls and scarves, and exactly what you said is what I want to do, but you described it much more eloquently. As well, I love to weave without accent colors, so just moving back and forth in the colors in the background. It was torture narrowing down what I now call "raincoat colors" in the background from a selection of gazillion down to ten, but I've finally learned to enjoy taking time and doing everything slowly when it comes to work. And I can go on and on talking about my work.

    Sue, that's why I love calling it my basement, or my cocoon. This sounds so New Age, but I've also come to see this space as the womb of a composite of the many people who have inspire me and help me, Ben and Randy Darwall included. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to hear they have wombs.


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