Thursday, November 08, 2007


It's not saying you must jump off from your bike.


  1. I think it means, don't levitate while cycling.....

  2. LOL I think its saying you must levitate above your bike. Nice trick if you can do it :)

    Thanks for your well wishes Ben.

  3. Funny post. I don't know how to do what the sign shows..LOL.
    Good find.

  4. Those who cycle shall go to heaven?

    Only the un-obese shall cycle here?

    Men must walk; all others permitted to cycle?

    Cyclist permitted to go only as fast as slow men?

    Those without feet prohibited to cycle?

    Leave cycle here and walk in the river?

    Cycle, or you shall get your hands and feet chopped off?

    Power-walking or cycling only.

    Time to go to bed. (Not the sign; me.)


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