Monday, December 10, 2007

12 More Days of Work

I have work-related stuff in every single room of the house、leaving Ben nowhere to relax. So he got an early Christmas present on the weekend - a foldaway hammock. Of course it's intended for outside, but since our couches are less than wonderful, we took turns watching the telly on the hammock. The orange chair is mine; my office chair was so out of shape it gave me tingles on the left half of my body. It was a store model so we got a discount, and though it's a wee faded, it's not as bad as it appears in the photo. The exercise machine in the background was Ben's pressie last year and he uses it occasionally; I'm too short to use it comfortably.

I have 12 more days until the last even of the year; Ben has 11.5 more days or work.


  1. i love this room. Especially the large pictures on the wall!..and the lot of lights!

  2. Its great to have a room to do your projects and I would love to have one of those foldaway hammocks myself. It looks comfy.
    Hope time goes fast for you until work is done.

  3. Zsolt, I suppose it looks sunny compared to Europe in the winter. We had a rare rainy weekend so it was gray all day Sunday and I took it then. Here in Nelson, if the sun is really out, photos tend to get all white-washed.

    The painting is by Golden Bay artists Merrin Westerink; and just now, looking her up, we found out she passed away a year ago. Pity! She was a very graceful woman full of art in her - the kind of person from whom colors and ideas and expressions just shine out. More here:

    Sue, it was actually a great deal - a cheap investment that will bring us endless joy. Yeah, when my work is done, I have to blitz the house - almost 16 months worth of cleaning!!

  4. Meg, where did you find the foldaway hammock? It would make a good Chrissy present for my man as well.

    Cheers :)

  5. Lane, go to the Katomandu and up stairs to find the basecamp range.

    It may not be displayed, but there were plenty in stock. It was on sale as well.

  6. Lane, it was at the local Kathmandu sale., but I guess Ben already told you...


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