Friday, December 21, 2007


Blue sky, teal sea, sand, and pohutukawa starting to bloom. School finished yesterday for kiddies; work finish for most grownups today.

It's seriously summer here. This was the view from the living room yesterday afternoon, while I was working inside on my last tasks for the market tonight.

And re. the earthquake last night, I thought Ben was fidgeting until he grunted, "Yikes."


  1. Oh what a lovely photo! It looks much warmer there than it does here!

    Glasgow Daily Photo

  2. wonderful capture. I need it for this cold day we have here

  3. Oh yes, that's what I'm talking about,
    I'll be there on 31st. Can't wait!

    Don't lose the sun, we need it.

    Emilia from Finland

  4. It's been quite beautiful this summer. A little cooler in the evenings, perhaps, but wonderful.

    Fruits and flowers seem to come a bit later than the last two years, but Marlborough cherry growers say it's the last two years that was out of the norm, cherries fruiting 2-3 weeks earlier, but this year is back to schedule, so it must be true.

    And it's beautiful again today. What can I say, I hate to brag, but 'tis nice here.


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