Monday, January 14, 2008

End of the Holiday

We had a much longer break than usual this year, but Ben's gone back to work today and so must I. This was a little after 9PM last night, and I exaggerated the saturation slightly.


  1. Good job with the saturation. I like the treatment. Beautiful sky with so may layers of colors.

  2. what a great sky, fantastic work!!!!

  3. Thanks, both. We had interesting clouds yesterday, too, but it's been too hot to appreciate...

  4. Blog marvellous as this photograph.

  5. Hi Meg,

    Gorgeous photo, the colours are very inspiring! I'm very jealous you live in gorgeous Nelson, I visited NZ 4 years ago and Nelson was one of my fave spots,

    maybe one day I'll get back.....


  6. The sky looked something like this last night, but without this much clouds. It's a very colorful show.


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