Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Favourite Kite

This one was my favourite on that day. Also if you noticed the very old, odd shaped car in the field. That is the first production automotive is 1800's. (No, not the tractor.)

OK, we promise this is the last item relating to Sir Ed; a song written on the evening of Sir Ed's death, rapper Jay somebody wrote this instead of going to a gig, apparently. Meg likes the lyrics.


  1. What a spectacle! So bright and colourful.

    Kites have come along way since the days when I built and flew mine as a child.

    This and your previous posts are very interesting. Great photos.

  2. I like that one also. I see Mr Teddy made it up.

  3. it's so nice to be watching them!

    i like the gecko too!

  4. Thank you all for comment.
    I was invited to join to the Fliker Group for Nelson Kite Festival. Have a look those fantastic kite shots from a ground and sky.


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