Tuesday, January 08, 2008


We came back last night from a lovely short holiday in Whangarei in Northland of the North Island. We had a great time kayaking, horseback riding and flying kites with my sister, hubby and her two boys. We stayed in cabins on a camp ground, a first for all of us, and that was an enormously happy experience.

The younger nephew gets car-sick easily, so we had to cancel sailing and parasailing, which would have taken 90 minutes to and from, and a scenic flight on two helicopters, (can you imagine, they were going to fly to for us at the same time, with three pax on each!) but it leaves activities to look forward to on their next trip. I know it sounds like a flash trip, but we found Northland so much less expensive compared to Nelson, so I really wanted to cram all these things I'd love to do in our short trip, because we'd really hesitate to do these here.

The older nephew hates eating out, and it was almost shocking how much that helped to make this an inexpensive trip also!

The one thing Ben and I looked forward to was low humidity in Nelson, but wouldn't you know we're having a much-awaited rain! You can tell it was beautiful and dry while we were away - most of my pots and some in the flowerbed are dead.

Nice to be home, though.


  1. It sounds like you had a delightful time together as a family. We all need breaks like that once in a while. I guess its back to the real world now...

  2. Yes, Sue, we did. In spite of the rain, though, the cornflowers are well and truly dead, however, as are couple of the sunflowers. Pity.


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