Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Many of you may have long been back to your normal lives, but Ben has this week off so we're having a soft-landing from our holiday. Today, I finally hung the enigmatic Rothko calendar, and am pleased with my choice, but even with the shades closed, I cannot get a shot without reflection.

I can't imagine standing in front of a real Rothko: the emotional impact, surface texture, details. In 2003, probably the only opportunity in my life to do so, I avoided Tate Modern simply because I hated Rothko. Oh well, live and learn.

This piece is "Green and Maroon" (1953), if you want to look for more accurate photographs. The colors on the calendar are a wee bit more rusty compared to what I'm seeing on my screen.


  1. Rothko is excellent, and among my favorite modern artists. The BBC did an outstanding program on Rothko and his work in the Power of Art series - I highly recommend watching it on YouTube. It is cut into six parts:

  2. Kevin, as described in the linked post, that's when I changed my mind completely. But thanks for the link - that was the only episode I forgot to tape. Now I can revisit.


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