Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Sad Day

We lament the passing of the biggest, humblest Kiwi, Sir Ed Hillary yesterday. There have been news of his ill health for a few months, but it's still very sad.

This radio broadcast is probably the best summary of Sir Ed's life; if interested, here are some more audio files from the National Radio. Googling will give you a few more options. TVNZ has some video footage. And if you ever come across "A View from the Top", a documentary by author/playwright/cartoonist and friend Tom Scott, it gives you the flavor of this wonderful man.

Rest in peace.


  1. Even growing up in Colorado, USA, Sir Edmund Hillary was my childhood hero. I was lucky enough to hear him speak once many years ago and felt extra lucky when my son who was an exchange student from Alaska to New Zealand got to have dinner with him. There is no doubt about it Hillary was one heck of a nice guy and the work he did made a difference in the world. Truly a great man has passed. It’s strange but I morn his death almost as if he was family.

  2. Thanks for the radio link too. A very good story for sure.

  3. Your son had dinner with Sir Ed? Well, that's a treasure he can carry with him for the rest of his life, Marcel.

  4. I think the whole world reported of the passing of this great kiwi.

    read it in the newspaper too here.

  5. Yeah, very sad, though not unexpected, as he as 88 and hadn't been well. Last night, another tree fell, this time a much-loved poet Hone Tuwhare, 85.


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