Thursday, February 21, 2008


We had fireworks show at end of the concert.
This is what we saw... a sort of... very close...
Actually, this is 4 images blended with the photoshop. I tried to recreate what actually like from series of short blast shot to simulate the long exposer. I hope you agree, Meg.


  1. That was pretty fun, wasn't it? I liked the ones that went up really high, with not a lot of visuals, but the especially loud bang!!

  2. love this - who cares if you photoshopped it - that's probably exactly what it looked like!

  3. i think it looks great... sometimes a little photoshop is necessary. i've never had much luck with fireworks, but will have to try the bursts next time.

  4. That's a pretty good fireworks shot!
    Whether you used Photoshop to give it a little bust and convey to us what you saw doesn't really matter. Good job anyway!


  5. Thanks, All! I'm glad you guys approve the photoshop work.
    It took me a while and sure there is a better way to archive same effect, but I'm pretty happy with this.


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