Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Selwyn & Church

This is the corner of Selwyn Place and Church Street. I'm standing in front of Zest Cafe on Church, looking at Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith; the late father and son created the rings for The Lord of the Rings series. Beyond is Rutherford Hotel, the only hotel-style accommodation in Nelson, as opposed to pubs called "hotels". We have numerous motels, backpackers, bed and breakfasts, and camp grounds.

The small building to the right, where you see some costumes in the window, is the new Independent Theatre; a fun production of As You Like It finished this weekend in their garage. They were going to perform on Church Street, until Nelson City Council didn't issue a permit; their performances in other parts of the Top of the South Island were held in parks and school auditoriums. The Theatre just got the building consent to create a proper theatre inside, so next year we'll be sitting down inside. You can also hire costumes.

Across the street from Hansen's place is the Cathedral grounds; the steps are one block to the left. Ben posted Hansen here before.

If you look up Google map, I'm standing where the green arrow is, looking in the direction of the arrow. This is pretty much the souther edge of Nelson's CBD, central business district.


  1. Hi Meg and Ben. I'm sorry I haven't been by for a while but blogger won't let me in sometimes. It gets so frustrating. I have enjoyed catching up on your great photos. You have given a wonderful tour of your City. Hope you have a great week.

  2. Hi, Sue; missed you. It's finally getting cooler here and the air crisper, which should be good for our pics.


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