Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shakespeare in the Garage

And the said production of As You Like It last Saturday night; intermission, to be more accurate. They had many students from the local high schools, both in the cast and in the audience, which was wonderful.

The young girls in front brought their own pillows and treats as if they were at a slumber party. The man to my left wouldn't sit down or go away; otherwise, I could have capture the left half of the stage, too!

Next year we might be in the new, proper theatre, which may be quieter because the garage is right next door to Stingray Cafe, but the quasi-street-performance atmosphere and the mix of the young and old in the audience added to the enjoyment and made me think the Bard's audience was probably as rowdy as ours, and not as austere as many I've experienced.

Rehearsal and Sneak Peak clips are available on YouTube via the links on the right on WillPower homepage.


  1. I really like the commentary here, especially re the annoying man who wouldn't give you a full view...

    thanks for visiting my chicago dp, I hope to see you back sometime...

  2. that's the way to do it. performing I mean. it really doesn't matter where it is as long as the actors and audience are willing. I'm sure the garage must've given it an intimate and exciting atmosphere.

  3. Thanks.

    Well, BC, he was kind of annoying!

    Eddie, I hope the actors had as much fun as we did. It was quite interactive. I doubt the proper theatre is going to have the same kind of atmosphere. But who knows.


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