Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bat Cave

I went to the Fiber Guild's design workshop over the weekend in Blenheim, about 90 minutes east. The workshop was held in the Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) HQ, and we worked under a bunch of bats made of toilet paper cores. It must have been a heck of a Halloween!

A technique I tried for the first time was applying turpentine over oil pastel crayons; I'm so used to using turpentine to clean marks off, I kept wiping the entire oil pastel marks off the paper out of habit. I was meant to smear them from the looks of what others were doing...


  1. Love the photo.

    They didn't give very good instructions?

  2. Nice capture of the action. I can see some bats hanging.

  3. What does the turpentine do exactly? Does it smear and set shiney? the oil pastel chalk is a wonderful medium, maybe it makes it more watercolor-y. Just curious, its peeked my interest. Could we see a picture of how it works?

  4. Hi, everybody.

    Sue, it smears and makes it watercolor-y, exactly. Not sure about shiny, but smooth for sure.

    The paper also becomes a little translucent. But most of all, turp smells quite strongly semi-permanently.

  5. Meg,
    I find it quite wonderful that you have so much support for your wonderful art around you.

  6. Yes, Merisi, the ladies in Marlborough are so encouraging. They are going to have a new drawing group, too. And, there were five of us from Nelson/Golden Bay area that went over there for the workshop, and three of us might start a splinter drawing group as a result of our joint experience. Fabulous.


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