Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Complete Picture

Sitting across JB of Mainz Daily Photo at my Red Gallery Morning Room cafe, having afternoon coffee. Life is good; I've been waiting for this since Red Gallery opened its cafe almost a year ago.

I always thought Louise, who was the only other NZ DPer when we started, or Lachezar of Auckland Daily Photo, would be the first DPers we'd meet in person, OR on a off chance, a whole bunch of Minnesotans posting daily if I were lucky enough to have managed a trip there. Whowodda thunk it would be JB all the way from Germany? Well, it's not a big stretch, because JB is a Kiwi, and he's in the process of building a house and moving to Mapua.

JB is a sophisticated, polished and soft-spoken big-city gent. I had a few other shots with Mrs JB, but he kinda melts away when he's looking at her, and his eyes look closed in all those shots!

Lest you think he's a complete softy, he introduced her as Mrs JB, so after an hour of pleasant afternoon coffee, we still don't know her name. This time next year, they'll make the big move, I hope, and then we would have to draw the boarder between our Nelson Daily Photo and his Mapua/Tasman Daily Photo, or he can do another NDP, of course, and we can continue to be all over the place.

Safe trip back, you two.

Ben and I will be away for a few days; we'll come back on Theme Day (if Ben manages to find a suitable pic!)


  1. The only thing polished in this picture is the table....

  2. Nice post! You make JB famous.

  3. great to meet a fellow blogger - not done it myself yet!

  4. Not sure if I will ever make it down to NZ, but if you find yourself in Colorado, do let me know!

  5. The same with me Meg. If you are ever in Northern California lets get together.
    It must have been so much fun visiting a fellow DPer.
    Have a nicce time away.

  6. it's really fun meeting other bloggers, I assure you. And JB even left me a phone message about Mrs JB's name, so I know it!

  7. i really like this post. So gentle description of JB!

  8. I'm not pendantic, either. Just occasionally a bit grumpy.

    I think I prefer irksome....


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