Tuesday, March 25, 2008


On my way home from the back beach, I found myself on a spot where we can see (if you know where they are) four Tahuna Beach attractions.

I was standing by the mini rail tracks; though I've never seen the train, the sign said it runs between 1-4pm Sundays. I had thought the pond was for model boat/ship/sailboat enthusiasts, but they may also have boats people can ride on; we'll have to come back for a fact-check another Sunday.

Beyond, the structure on the left is the water slide, and the wooded area from the center to the right is the much-troubled Natureland zoo. They've been fighting over funding with the Council for some years, but at the end of February it was announced the zoo would close for good on 31 March. Since then, they've been petitions and protests, for which we made the national news.

It's the tiniest zoo I've ever been to, but has provided educational trips to school children in the region for over 40 years. My brother and I were there years ago during a meerkat feeding time, and what a frenzy. Ricky the special-needs capuchin monkey is looking for a home; any takers?


  1. Poor Ricky! If the city can't fund it, why aren't rich people or businesses doing something about this? Being such a tiny zoo and all. Pity.

  2. Looks very beautiful and peaceful, the perfect place to relax. Perhaps I'd prefer it without the activities...


  3. Fenix, yeah, Ricky is a worry...

    Lachezar, I'm not sure what it's going to be, or if indeed the zoo will really close. It appears that in the last decade or so every time something closed, they've been replaced by franchises, the more profitable or the garish around here. I hope we won't have something like a mini mall or a food course or something cheap like that...

  4. Vote the City Council out of office!

    Beautiful photo.

  5. George, we just had an election on October, and seeing as they just carried on the previous Council's decisions, they must have wicked and devious plans for the area... Unless the movement to support the zoo gets a really good financial backing. Somehow...


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