Friday, March 21, 2008

Moving House

Tuesday, on our way home, one side of two-laned Rocks Road was closed to prepare this house to move later in the evening. It was recently in the newspaper so nobody appeared frustrated, but some, like us, slowed down to try to get a shot. The wee cottage was to be cut in half, and moved to Motueka about 30 minutes west in two trips.

Last night, there were no traces left of the house. Some day, there will be no private homes on Rocks Road, but all apartments and retailers. What a shame.


  1. So sad when whole neighborhoods get destroyed.

    Meg, you were the 40.0000th visitor of my blog minutes ago. Glad to see you there!

  2. I wasn't born and bred in NZ and I find the idea fascinating that a whole house can be uprooted and transported somewhere else!

  3. Merisi, that's a lot of visitors to your blog.

    Sakiwi, coming from another country that has a lot of earthquakes, I can't believe how they plonk old wooden houses in their new locations. I am glad they are preserving old villas and such, but I'm not sure if I'd feel confident living in them. On the other hand, wooden houses creek and shake but don't fall down, so maybe there is a logic that I'm not seeing.

  4. Interesting photo! Houses get moved around here once in a great while, usually if they have some historic value, I think, and no longer fit in where they are.

  5. George Townboy, I can't remember if it was during the time I lived in Minneapolis, but I have heard of a house being moved on ice in the winter in Minnesota somewhere, except the ice was unseasonably thin. You get the picture - what a tragedy. I can't remember if those transporting the house were hurt.


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