Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Trolly Derby (Speed)

This one goes faster and it's red! (Another shot)


  1. wow..the future Formula 1 driver:)

  2. Love the action emotion of this photo. the red hair blowing in the breeze just adds to the picture.

  3. Hi Meg! Thanks for visiting my photo blog. I have not seen the tree cosies in Columbus, but have seen pictures. I also looked up the directions for the artists - each one was assigned a tree and it was suggested they visit their tree and bond with it first!

    I had a secret public knitting project here where I put bits of knitting and crochet around in public places. I plan to start a new one soon.

    I see you are a weaver, I'm going to go look at your weaving blog.
    best regards from the U.S.,

  4. Look forward to seeing your project in your blog, then, 'zann.

  5. beautiful. the kids all into the race... looks completely focussed
    thanks for visiting Mindless Mumbai
    i won't be able to visit again till april-end. there's too much college work. keep blogging, all the best.

  6. Thanks, Kunal.
    No worries and good luck for your collage work.


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