Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Back to the Future

Some people in New Zealand think coal is the answer to our potential power shortage. We have lots of them, especially on the South Island's West Coast, except they are not "clean" so we have to either import Australian coal, or have then cleaned. I've not read up on this so I don't know how that works.

In a recent pole reported by Radio New Zealand Kiwis prefer wind and solar power, but there is a sizable support for nuclear power generation now. In New Zealand. Good grief.

This was shot by the Information Center Monday morning; the man in orange just parked his car and had nothing to do with the protest, but there was a small number of young people milling around the signs.


  1. Hi!
    Where is the photo?!

    I like your photos, they are a blow of fresh air each morning!

    From Spain, best wishes!


  2. We can see it, Oscar. Didn't realize you couldn't see it, until we checked the portal.

    Anyone else having problems, or was it just us who could see it?

    Imagine, a post on an invisible demonstration!

  3. I can see it!! The internet is strange!

    Nobody knows the answer to the energy problems and everyone wants to avoid the mistakes of the past ... there seems to be a drawback to every idea!

  4. George, Ben had to post and repost several times for the Portal to register, too. Anyway... coal... Yikes.


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