Monday, April 21, 2008


Yesterday, I became a Fairy Godmother. Not the proper half of proper God Parents, but just-the-fun-bits Godmother.

As you know Ben and I haven't got kids, and we are absentee aunt/uncle to three boys and two girls back home. So though we are getting chronologically old, in many ways we never had to become mature, proper adults, e.g. parents. When Mummy asked me two weeks ago if I would be her Godmother, I had to think a while. Would I have to correct my loud-mouth, opinionated, irresponsible ways? Would I have to finally grow up?

Well, the parents and even the priest went out of their way to make this wayward Catholic feel welcomed and comfortable at the Christening, and this wee girl, I know, is going to enrich our lives in so many ways.

I even went to the chancel for the first time in my life; I thought a lightening bolt may strike me right there, but it didn't.


  1. looks like such a pretty dress!

  2. LOL. You'll be a fabulous fairy godmother! Just make sure the girl gets home before midnight - there is no shortage of pumpkins as yet, but a dearth of crystal carriages. They need protection.

  3. It was a cute dress, Piika, and her little arms sticking out was just so .... CUTE.

    Oh, Sally, I have a harder time contemplating how Daddy is going to react when she brings home her first boyfriend! I don't know if I already worry, or I've got a start of a big grin on my face.

  4. Mummy must have great trust in you ... congratulations!

  5. George, she is not a stupid woman, so I must conclude that she is very brave.

  6. What a beautiful dress and I could see those tiny feet peeking out.

    I have also became a Godmother recently. My little god daughter, Esther, was published on my blog, coz I am so proud to play the role. Not sure if I have to stop be irresponsible after being a God Mom. I was pretty worried at first of what are my responsibilities as a God Mom. However now I have accepted the role with stride. Little Esther is now 3-month old!

    You can see her here:

    J.C. of Subang Jaya Daily Photo

  7. I think fairy godmothers have perpetual hall passes and are not required to play by normal parent rules. Wild and crazy, spontaneous and outspoken, fun and frivolous ... all part of a fairy godmother's job description. Sounds like you have the qualificaions -:)

    Thanks for your visit and comment today.


  8. Unlimited hall pass? I love it, Chuck. I can do/be what you described.

    JC, at this point, I'm just still good friends with the Mom, rather than having much to do with the wee girl. I haven't been around small children for about 25 years so it's still a little awkward.


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