Thursday, April 03, 2008

Half a Century

We're not big on our own birthdays, but Ben got me a Gavin Hitchings brooch. Well, we got it a few days before Christmas, but then Beloved made me a wooden case out of an old loom part, so it's been sitting in the case ever since.

See how Gavin included a small shuttle in the design? I love that. And this one is a touch smaller than his usual because I'm so short. Gavin's work appeared on Day 2 of NDP here.

I'm sick today, so I'm spending the day taking it easy, but a few friends and we are going out for pizza Saturday night, and I will wear my brooch for the first time then. Life is good. Thank you, everyone.


  1. very very cool piece of jewellery!

  2. Beautiful brooch! I love the shuttle.
    In German a shuttle is called a "Schiffchen", like "little ship", I like the sound of it.
    Would you one day show us more of the wooden box, I am intrigued.
    Get well soon!

  3. Beautiful ... Ben is so lucky to have one so special to give it to! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Thanks, everybody.

    Piika, isn't it just?

    Merisi, Ben would have to make more wooden boxes, in that case, and I have just the piece that needs a home, too.

    George Townboy, well, thank you. His B Day is in 9 days, and among other things, I have to bake a cake for his workplace birthday shout; birthday persons bring goodies for morning/afternoon tea, and he hasn't done it for a few years because he doesn't like the fuss they make of it, but this year he's decided to do it.


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