Monday, April 07, 2008

Kite Surfing Area

Ben loves to watch and photograph kite surfers, but I prefer dogs and kids and sand and beach junk.

I found this sign at one of the back parking area we don't use when I was investigating the erosion on the the southwestern part of the beach. (The pink area.) The yellow area is designated as the "bathing area"; now, I' not sure if this means one can or can't surf there, but there is a lot of them who do. And I have seen a few in the pink zone, too. I'm just reporting.


  1. In either case, the two of you have it well covered. I enjoy it all on your blogs. All the best!

  2. Good thing they give fair warning at least! Some don't care though ... they are invincible!

  3. Thanks for stopping by. Frankly, I was more interested in whether the sign was vandalized, or broke off naturally. We're getting more and more vandalism, it seems. Shame.

  4. I have never understood vandalism. Why do some want to deface things is beyond me.
    Interesting map and warning. Alot of people don't heed the warnings either. I guess human nature wants to rebel a bit and be masters of their own fate.

  5. Me neither, Sue. In some parts of student town around NZ, they have old couches in shared flats, and they set them on fire! OK, quasi-private property, but still hardly civil (or civic?) behavior.


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