Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mr K's Onions

We had a chance to take a quick tour of Trish's father's veggie garden on Sunday.

I've been wanting to revamp 1/3 of our garden to enlarge the veggie patch, but after the tour, Ben came up with a better idea. We'll be moving all his roses to the easier, flatter part of our hilly section, and create a whole new veggie area in middle part where it's sunnier.

We're criminally negligent when it comes to normal weeding and gardening, but are, if I may say so myself, pretty efficient when it comes to huge changes. It's going to be a great winter of honest work.


  1. Very nice. I was never much of a gardener, good luck!

  2. Meg, this is a fantastic still life. I love everything about it.
    Looking forward to our summer fruit. We already have almonds maturing on the tree in the back.

  3. George, this is why you will NEVER see our garden shot, until something bit like this happen!

    Sue, thanks! Maybe next year I can show you something from our veggie patch, beyond wilted lettuce leaves.

  4. Meg, you'd be surprised to know that I don't like onions, but your photo is gorgeous, wrappings and all!


  5. Oh, not even well-cooked in stews and soups?


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