Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Zealand Citizens

Ben's workplace parking lot, around 5.10PM last Friday. And yes, those white bits you see at the very top of the hill are New Zealand baa baas.

And he won't tell you, but it's Ben's birthday today; considerably younger than 50, mind.


  1. Happy Birthday Ben

    Trish in Wellington

    ...and I know how old you are as you are the same age as me!

  2. That would be sheep?

    I see Happy Birthday Ben. From Abraham Lincoln.

  3. Thanks, everybody.

    Mr Prez, yes, they are! Even I was taken aback because we don't see them around much any more, though there is still a farm in operation around these hills immediately to the east of the CBD (central business district - all 2 roads of it.)

  4. Thanks for birthday wishes.

  5. Ah.. I am late..
    A very Happy BBB!
    (Belated Birthday, Ben!)


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