Sunday, April 20, 2008

Please excuse my mess

I'm having such a hard time understanding an easy weave structure that I've resorted to some very basic methods and I still don't get it. Never mind, we're getting the southerlies (that's the cold wind for us) so the fire is going all weekend and I'm just enjoying being engaged in such a slow craft.


  1. IT looks like you get it to me! ;-)

  2. It's starting to turn into winter in the Waikato also. Unfortunately, unlike you, I don't have a fireplace. The heater I bought from Farmers will have to do. How about a pic of the fireplace sometime?

  3. Bitingmidge, no seriously, I'm just not getting this one thus far.

    Sakiwi, sorry it's not a fireplace, but a wood burner. Quite boring. And I'd have to wash it down before I can shoot it... But we have a good reason to post it in the near future, so you will see it one way or another.

  4. It's been dull and grey, and rainy in Sydney too. Indoors and craft activities sound just perfect.
    Thanks for visiting on my Blogbirth-day

  5. Grey in Sydney? Impossible!!

  6. Thanks, George, but this project is getting my "knickers twisted" as they say over here. (I think that's what they say. Nickers are underwear.)


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