Monday, April 28, 2008


I didn't catch the name of this plant but it had stunning deep red. (at the Queens Gardens)


  1. Looks like spicy mini chillies! hehe..

  2. Great picture today, I love that colour!

    Today I'm saying a huge big thank you for the support shown by CDP bloggers.

  3. It does, Keropok man.

    Thanks Curly, and good to hear that you had a very good progress on the issue.

  4. nice, i like it. you sure have a way with the camera. i luv photography, so Im gonna add u 2 my kewl blogs list.

    Visit my blog, its about saving the planet. by the way, i have a photo of the exact same plant hung in my room, i think its called and bird flower. i don't know why it looks nothing like a bird! = )

  5. Love the photo! I never know the names of trees, plants, flowers either!

  6. Cheers, Polka Dot, appreciated for link.

    Thanks George, it comes out good when I darken the corners.


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