Thursday, April 10, 2008


This is bit of funny season, some day its hot and some day it really cool. The day I took this is cool wind and hot ray from sun. It's good to have a bench under the tree like this. The bench is looking at the river and there were ducks and if you are lucky you can see swan as well.

PS. According to the count on blogger this is post no.600.


  1. That is one magnificent tree! Post 600 certainly is something to celebrate! I'm closing in on 500 with the week, just on visualstpaul; I think I'll add up the Mazatalan blog too to see what I come up with. Have you done that with your other blogs?

  2. That is one fluffy tree! :-) It reminds me of a heaping plate of spinach. I bet it does provide great, cool shading.

  3. Gorgeous photo!! Congrats on 600 posts ... awesome achievement!

  4. Thanks!
    and welcome, Champ. Have you registered to the community?


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