Tuesday, April 29, 2008



  1. Coincidentally, I spent a goodly part of the weekend pointing my camera up through tree canopies!

    If you were to draw that, no one would believe it, the rhythm is just terrific!

    Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

  2. This tree in particular had very interesting branch patterns, but I never thought of drawing, Midge. You're making me think now...

  3. Love the pic Meg. Looks like fall is settling in.

    Thanks for the visit to my blog. Quite a painful photo wasn't it?

  4. It was, it was, Dan. And it looked so clean and nice and new!!

  5. Love the way this came out! I've been trying to get some shots like this, but no luck!

  6. Sometimes the spontaneous stuff works, George. I've become used to looking at things in different angles now. All fun.


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