Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bye Bye Zest

Nancy told me Zest was on the market. Baby Zest on Bridge Street, mentioned in my first ever Not a Woman post, had closed about a month ago.

I arranged to meet Kath at the Big Zest on Church Street on Monday so we can have one more coffee, (tea in Kath's case) there before they closed, and, darn, darn darn, we were too late.

So, thank you, Cherie, and all the staff, especially Miriam (sp?) who used to manage the Bridge Street cafe. I really enjoyed the peculiarly healthy lunches and mind-blowing cake selection, as well as the deli/shop section of Zest, as did many of my friends who assumed we would be meeting at Zest anyway. I never posted the cake selection, because I was always too busy deciding.

Come to think of it, both Nancy and Kath met me for the first time at Baby Zest. Good times.


  1. oh no! I didn't realise ...

  2. Oh, bugger this....
    And "Liquid"'s gone downhill, too. Morrison Street...?

  3. Tragedy.... Lunch at Kudos was good, but a little cramped and a little pricey. Suter's food has been great, but again, not exactly Zest on both accounts.

    Someone start a new, wonderful place in Nelson, please!!

  4. Morrison is of course not bad, but a bit noisy sometimes. But I haven't been there since Fashion Island opened. I haven't set foot in Fashion Island yet... The fashionable person that I am!


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