Saturday, May 24, 2008

Freedom of Expression...

Well, this cute little car have an eye catching advert on. Not sure how big the RateEm community is but seems to be interesting to watch.

PS. Sorry but I couldn't pass without taking photo because of the little thing attached to the wiper blade... I didn't check it closer but I hope that is not the parking ticket.


  1. I love the angle of your photo today, Ben. And I feel sorry for the driver of the bright yellow car. . .that does indeed look like a parking ticket. I thought Nelson more civilized and enlightened than elsewhere in the world to have parking enforcement ;^).
    Seattle Daily Photo

  2. Thanks, Kim.
    It's unusual for me to do this angle shot, but fills the frame very well. I'm glad you like it.
    Here in Nelson, the parking mater is managed by city and council to issue the ticket and correct money. Usually, it is quite relaxed, I mean not often I see those ticket on the window, even the mater said it's expired.

  3. Great angle Ben and I guess the City feels it has freedom of expression too...aka parking ticket.

  4. I like the license plate as well "My Big 1".

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  5. Hey, Denton, I wonder if you and I were the only ones that liked that!! That's the first think I noticed!


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