Sunday, May 11, 2008


At the Queens Gardens.


  1. Crikey, you're even getting the botanical names right these days. Things are looking up...!

  2. Many years ago my parents grew these in their garden. I had forgetten what they looked like. Great closeup Ben.

  3. Oops, I meant to say forgotten not forgetten.
    I should always proof read before pushing the button. LOL

  4. I like these and the blue ones, Sue, but one year we had a very dark maroon-colored ones, and they stood out in a mishmash of whites and blues and pinks...

  5. This is fantastic!! I've been trying to get some shots like this, but I'm not getting results as beautiful as yours!!

  6. That is Meg remembered the name. I did checked with Wiki, JB. I'm hopeless for botanical names.

    Thanks, Sue. I thought you like this.

    Cheers, George. You can do this just close to the subject and use wide open aperture or one stop down.
    With the point and shoot, use macro mode.


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