Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sky Scrapers in Nelson?

A shout-out to Karen and Hubbie in England. Hello!!!

We were heading for breakfast at the Saltwater with the van Gessels, and we saw these... things ahead of us. We hadn't heard of a sky scraper in Nelson, and the port would be the last place we'd expect it, and we didn't know of any bumgy or circus gigs, either.

Young Joe van Gessel told us it's an "oil rig", of the prospecting-in-the-deep-sea kind. Dad Herman said the West Coast of the middle part of New Zealand (roughly from Taranaki to around here??) has prospects.

So, no high rise yet. Good. Because we are on a fault line.

Fun to be engaged in a drive-by-shooting once again, though.


  1. Hi Meg! Long time no see, but loved to land here again and look at some wonderful pictures...

  2. Hi, GMG!! The skyline has changed dramatically since you were here last!!

  3. Just dropping by from Pasadena, California. I'm glad to know such a pretty place as Nelson doesn't have any permanent skyscrapers to mar that beautiful, blue sky.

  4. Yes, thank goodness for that!


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