Tuesday, May 06, 2008


It was a cold, gray, windy morning yesterday. Three blokes were taking turns sanding the ceiling of the walkway in front of the City Council/Post Shop. The polyurethane was getting spotty, so timely maintenance, guys. But where is your dust mask, tut tut!)

I couldn't help thinking of Michelangelo in an old movie - can't remember who played Mic. The artist, in fact, did not lie flat on slabs but stood and bent backwards while working on that other ceiling, you know.


  1. You are so right Meg, the Sistine Chapel it most definitely isn't! In fact I think the Nelson Council Building would win the award for the ugliest municipal building in the land! It's hideous.

  2. This made my back and arms hurt just looking at the picture. Hard work but somebody has to do it...
    interesting shot Meg.

  3. Hi, DWS. Hideous as it may be, we still have the Beehive, don't we?

    Sue, yeah, thank goodness for these men. I do worry about some blokes who don't want to wear protective great - not that I'm always good about wearing dust masks, etc...

  4. And DWS, wouldn't it be nice to have a little more permanent sign for the Council? Oh well.

  5. Meg - I agree with the Beehive but we have to keep our drones somewhere! Applying the same philosophy [albeit with a totally disrespectful and irreverent bent] does that equate to ugly people work in the Nelson City Council building? whoops ...!!! I often look at it and think, how could this be improved? The answer is always the same - will a bulldozer! dws~11


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