Monday, June 09, 2008


In June 2005, when petrol price shot up to $1.50, we carpooled with our greenie mate Ross to go to the Marlborough Sounds for our annual writing workshop. I predicted it'd easily be $3 by the end of 2006. We've been lucky; because the Kiwi dollar was so high, the cost of petrol didn't go up that rapidly, though exporters have suffered, and we lost quite a few iconic New Zealand manufacturers.

Well, the Kiwi has landed and gas has been over $2 since May, and what's worse, the overnight price increases are not 1 and 2 cents like it used to be; they go up 5 and 7 cents while we sleep.

This weekend we were at the writing workshop; we had a fabulous time, but Ross the greenie was holidaying in the South Pacific!! Gee, your carbon footprint, Ross!! (So as not to misslead the world about Ross, he is a serious greenie, and even if he has a few trip to Europe this month, he still can't get anywhere near your average fuel consumption.)


  1. Our petrol price for today is around 1.60 Euros, that's around 3.20 New Zealand Dollars. So... I feel ya.

  2. It's supposed to jump up again today, pending the closing price of ure of the market in Singapore, we're told. Yikes...

  3. Nice tree tho!! We're over 4.00 per gal. US WA

  4. Do you have public transport where you are in WA? We have just a few buses, so most of the time you just have to drive or be driven. Yikes....


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